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Underwear is a necessity for women. It is worn on the body every day. It must be the most comfortable one, so that life will be less worrying! Try out our EUSTOMA unwired latex bras today


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Do you know the 
dangers of underwire bras?
Medical research has found that women who wear underwire bras for more than 10 hours a day are more likely to suffer from breast disease,
Bras with steel rings are to make the breasts more stable, so they will be relatively hard, which will cause certain pressure on the body and is not conducive to blood circulation. When a woman wears a steel ring bra, the steel ring is just near the "liver meridian" of the human body. If the shoulder strap is not good, the steel ring can be displaced, and more than a dozen acupoints of the liver meridian can be compressed, which can cause the meridian to run poorly.
Sponge-lined pad pose an unhealthy hazard
When sweating, the water is stored in the honeycomb and produces a sultry feeling, which is not only not easy to dry, but also easily hides dirt and becomes a bed for bacteria to grow. Sponge bras cannot be cleaned thoroughly. Sponge underwear is very absorbent and is made of petroleum waste. When you wash it, the sponge is already quietly absorbing those cleaning products such as laundry and soap. No matter how you wash it, it will not be completely of washing.
And the breathing of our chest mainly relies on the nipple. Think about what will happen if our nipple is surrounded by clean elements and dirty things for a long time, and the consequences are very serious.
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Why should you wear latex underwear?

Gentle relief of shock pressure

Natural latex underwear evenly releases breast pressure, allowing you to experience zero pressure

Anti-mite and antibacterial

The oak protein in latex can effectively inhibit the latent bacteria and allergens, and can prevent dust mites, dust, mildew and no static electricity, so that dust mites can be eliminated from the breast.

Wicks sweat and is breathable

Natural latex underwear has thousands of air vents with small mesh structure, which help the human body to release the heat and sweat of the human body in the case of high temperature and sweat, and will not store sweat in the cup, effectively reducing the amount of sweating Odour keeps your body dry and comfortable at all times

High viscoelastic resistance

The latex underwear cups are made of natural latex material, which makes the cups have high viscoelasticity and very good support, so that the supporting force of the breasts is evenly released, and the breasts can easily experience the new experience of "naked".
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Eustoma Latex Bras

RM95.00 MYR

Product name:  Eustoma

  • 100% Brand new
  • 3/4 cup ,1rows 2 buckles at back.
  • Side widening ,No curling.
  • Breathable & sweat absorption cup lining.
  • Comfortable & not stuffy hot.
  • Wireless, fix strap.
Material :
  • 65% Nylon ,35% Spandex
  • Latex cup

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Differences between Eustoma latex bras and other bras
It's the little changes in material that make all the difference
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Frequently Asked Questions
Need Help? We've got you covered!
Are Wireless Bras Suitable for Large Breasts?
Suitable for. 
The restraint of wireless underwear is relatively small, and the general population can choose it. People with large breasts can choose underwear without underwire when choosing underwear. Moreover, the shape of underwear without underwire is much worse than that with underwire. See When you get up, it is not as tall and straight as a steel ring underwear. Wearing a steel ring underwear in daily life can reduce your breasts visually, and your big breasts are also very friendly.
    Do wireless bras make my chest sag after a while?
    Depends on personal situation.
    If the chest is relatively small, wearing wireless bra will generally not lead to sagging breasts, while for people with relatively large breasts, long-term wearing of wireless bra will lead to sagging breasts to a certain extent. Due to the effect of gravity, the breasts of relatively plump girls will sag and loose breasts if they wear bra without steel rings for a long time.
      Bra with underwire or without underwire?
      From the point of view of health, no steel ring is better. Breasts are composed of many glands, which act as the carrier of blood circulation. Once the glands of the breast are blocked, it will cause a series of breast diseases. Bra will compress the blood circulation of the chest, resulting in the obstruction of lymphatic flow downward, outward, and to the armpit, which can cause breast sclerosis, lobular hyperplasia, milk duct disease, etc. in the long run; bra without steel ring is looser than underwear with steel ring, It will not oppress the chest, so for the health of the chest, it is recommended that you choose bra without steel rims or choose soft steel rims.
        Can I wear latex underwear for a long time?
        Can be worn for a long time. Latex bra is soft in texture and more comfortable to wear than ordinary bra. Secondly, latex contains certain natural ingredients, which have certain benefits for women's breast development and can be used for a long time.
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